26 November 2010

Archived Sustainable Style Installments

Wow. One post on Apartment Therapy and my blog has doubled in hits! Oh, the wonders of internet communication!
Thanks for everyone's words of encouragement. For those of you with bug/dust concerns, I haven't had any problems so far. Instead of using diatomaceous earth, I simply sprayed the entire structure with bleach and then hosed it down well (granted, it was about 90F and did it on my driveway...wouldn't suggest doing something like this indoors). I have stark-white pillowcases and they have yet to get dirty from rubbing up against the pickets.

The two attached posts are from Hilltop Hanover Farm's blog. While interning there this summer, I began a mini-series on how-to sustainable living projects. More to come, I promise!

Easy reusable plastic bag dispenser

Sleep shorts from 1 yard of fabric and a catnip tincture to keep your legs pretty


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